Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Japanese translators needed !

Hello everybody,

We are currently organizing translation tasks, and, although other languages received many translator candidatures (thank you all!), we are still searching for Japanese (native) with some English skill for the ... JPN translation.

If you know anybody that may be interested to help, please pass the message!

Thank you, please PM Fonzie or Tulio Adriano on the board.

The Water Melon Development Team.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Pre-orders open! Pier Solar Beta released.

Hello friends of Pier Solar.

I'm proud to announce that the Pier Solar Beta is released to public. We hope you enjoy playing the game as much as we enjoyed making it. Please note that it reflects the developments as they were in April/2008.

Along with the this Beta demo we want to announce the that the final release date has been pushed to December 24. The reason is that, unfortunately, Alex Landgren - one of our Graphic Designers - left the team. Since Alex didn't authorize our team to use the pixel art made by him, we have to rework many graphic items of our game, making it impossible to have all done and tested by October 29. We wish Alex good luck on his projects.

Now the moment many has been expecting: The pre-orders are finally open. Along with them a lot of news:

- Pier Solar will not come in MD and MCD separater versions anymore. Thanks to Fonzie's blasting technology, we'll be offering the MD version capable of playing the songs from the MCD if available. That will guarantee that all players have the same graphic experience, and the players with MCD can experience a Stereo near cd-quality sound.

- Pier Solar will be multi-language. Based on our message board polls we'll be offering 3 language packs: US Pack (EN, ES, PT); EU Pack (EN, FR, DE) and JP Pack (EN, JP). Note that the languages may vary depending on the availability of translators.

- We're selling Pier Solar on 2 editions: Pier Solar Classic and Pier Solar Posterity. Both editions will include: 64 Mega Cartridge, Mega/Sega CD disc for enhanced HiFi soundtrack, goodies, color booklet, a finely crafted clamshell box and a Pier Solar poster. The posterity pack is a way for people to donate to the project and help us to prepare the games for the posterity. Those who purchase the posterity pack will have their names displayed on the game credits and on the manual credits. We also might draw some names to take part into the story as a NPC.

Head now to the Pier Solar Website and pre-order yours!