Sunday, October 3, 2010

WaterMelon @ Retro Gathering

The day before yesterday was a great day. For the fifth year, Retro Gathering, a Swedish old school video and computer game event, was held. It was the second year I attended it, and the first year I had a table of my own.

That table was pretty much only booked to present Pier Solar to other attenders. I received a few weeks old prototype cartridge from Tulio earlier last week, including the soundtrack disc, which were both playing for eight hours on an old CRT TV with RGB output. Many attenders came to test the game, talk to me about the development and eat watermelon candy. People were very impressed with the graphics, and also the fact that we're making a NEW Mega Drive game and releasing it on cartridge.

I'd like to send some blast processing hails to the following:

Gaming Grannar
The Retro Gathering Crew
My brother Zimon
The guy who pre-ordered the game "three years ago", my nice table neighbours
The friendly guy who helped me carry my stuff after the event was over
Anyone who feels like he was forgotten

We had no news to bring with this event, but later this month some good ones are coming for you. Stay tuned!


/Zebbe of the WaterMelon team