Monday, February 15, 2010

February update

Good day,

The beta enrollment is a big success and many talented, excited and helpful people (it seems) have contacted us for the final quality assurance of the game. We have already contacted some of you for some critical tasks, but since there are so many who applied and the fact that the very final beta testing hasn't begun yet, we will contact several more soon. Don't be sad if you haven't been contacted, we are very grateful to everyone who wished to help us with the game, but obviously it is not possible to have everybody who applied as beta testers in the final development phase.

In January, the US version got sold out. The only version left is the Japanese version, which indeed works on your Genesis and PAL Mega Drive. As we've said before, we won't produce more copies of this run, but Pier Solar will be available in the future. In what way or form will be decided when we are done and have released this Mega Drive/Genesis version.

The constant progress with the game is going smoothly. I am almost done with checking the game maps (and Fonzie done with doing the updates), thus they will all be perfect very soon. Lots of other stuff has been made, but let's not get into details.

Until next time!

/Zebbe, WaterMelon team