Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Help Wanted

Lots of goings on in the Pier Solar world today. Our venerable coding team have been officially locked in a single room and won't be let out until the game's done.

I know I've said that before in jest, but now I jest not. I am presently jest-less.

The Fonz and Tully have officially gone underground and are working day and night (in the same room no less!) to complete the game. I've been privy to their progress and the game is looking rock solid.


As you know, we're offering the game in multiple languages and our translators have been tireless in their attempts to encompass the whole of the linguistic spectrum (or at least five languages) but our Japanese translation is in need of a helping hand. Our current Japanese translator is feeling the language's might and is in need of a knight in shining armor. Or at least someone to hold aggro.

So! If you're up for the challenge and are fluent in Japanese drop us a line on the boards or through the contact form in the About section of the site. All translation work is volunteer but you will be compensated with a free copy of the game, a credit and a reference if you happen to have chosen this as your likely career path.

You'll mainly be doing proofreading - a simple but never the less time consuming and important task.

Oh and before anyone asks: No. The Japanese language option is not going to be cut.

Also: It looks likes like the final chunk of enemy assets are about to be polished and we can finally finishing implementing and tuning the battle system. Then we can start breaking it. Ah, game design is so much fun.

Take care all!