Monday, June 14, 2010

June update


Are you tired of all these updates that says the game is "nearly finished", but not enough to give you a release date? Good, stop reading now.

A few months ago, there was doubt in me that the game would never be finished. Not so now. It is only a question on whether the game will be "near perfect" or "perfect", when it IS released. Testing the fully implented battle system a few days ago, I realize its excitement and clever, innovative features are the last proof to me, as the epic script, beautiful music and state-of-the-art Mega Drive/Genesis graphics have all already wowed me again and again - it's only the last bit of polishing and adjustments left to do. Moving into the next phase of beta testing, we are feeling warm breath of the release in our Quasimodo backs. Powered by more testers and an even more intense working schedule, our state of the mind are feeling the same excitement as during an epic RPG final boss battle!

Also, since you guys have nothing better to do than just lurk at this site waiting, you might as well start writing a poem. Why? Because it is a contest, stupid! See the general section at the board.

Good luck! And remember: one will win, the rest will fail.

/Zebbe and the WaterMelon team