Thursday, September 2, 2010

September update

Hello friends of Pier Solar,

We must clarify the unfortunate news about the Japanese version a bit and apologize again for the inconvenience. We could never find anyone to proof-read the Japanese script and our last hopes for it bursted a few weeks ago. For that reason, we had decided to remove the Japanese language from the game for obvious reasons (Japanese readers may understand).

The Japanese packaging version will still contain English. And we added Spanish and French.
Minor notes: The menues are still available in Japanese if choosen. And the packaging remains Japanese style, of course.

If you wanted to play the game in Japanese and cannot stand playing in English, French or Spanish, please contact us and we will try to find a solution for you.


Bug extermination is going greatly. Thanks to all new testers, we are still testing all languages! As we said last time, the main focus is on tuning the difficulty, which means making the game harder! Not "grind-like-crazy-up-to-level-17-to-be-able-to-kill-the-first-boss"-hard, but more like "challenging hard".

And now for the part we really WANT you to read. We will need some hardware testers for the rarer Sega Mega Drive/Genesis hardware revisions. If you have any of the WonderMega, MegaJet, MegaLD and/or Tera Drive revisions and without doubt have time and dedication to test the game, please contact us.

Have a great time, everyone!

/Zebbe, Fonzie and the WaterMelon team

PS. Going to Retro Gathering in Stockholm 2nd-3rd October? Great. You can test Pier Solar then, if you feel unsure about buying it beforehand. See you there! DS.