Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Thank you!

Happy 20th Anniversary, Mega Drive/Genesis fans!

Today is the day our beloved console was first released in its native land of Japan, two decades ago.

As you know, Pier Solar and the Great Architects comes in two editions, classic edition and posterity edition. The posterity edition is limited to 500 copies and the last day to preorder it (which gives your name in the game and extra goodies) - is also today! There are still some posterity orders and some hours left, so if you still are hesitating about giving us your extra support - the time is now! We are very grateful for every preorder and all support we get and we promise to deliver a truly great and special game full of surprises.

When the posterity preorder time is out, we've followed a suggestion from our supporters and decided to put a donation button on our website instead. We will take any donation with great gratitude.

From the fans to the fans,
The Water Melon Development Team