Monday, November 26, 2007

Satan trying to stop my cutscenes!

Been a while...
Now I am still not done with all the cutscenes for the first part of the game thanks to my computer deciding to disconnect from the www all the time, taking 7 minutes to boot and making every data access slow...a Windows XP reinstall made it clear what was wrong: my HDD is broken! Thankfully, I had my TRPG stuff on another HDD...but since Windows XP just doesn´t want to be installed on my new SATA-HDD, no matter how many driver disks I feed, I´ll have to switch to Vista to get something dome again! Thank you, Microsoft! This must truly be the doing of Satan himself!
However, if this turns out to work I will hopefully be able to scan, resize and colorize the remaining cutscenes!
I hope no further act of sabotage will stop me!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Script and Music

The first draft of the second chapter has finally been completed. Phyu has submitted her feedback, so the second draft should be ready soon.

Addiotionally, I've completed a number of new themes that are currently awaiting team evaluation.

That's all for now!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Music on the way

We received our first Beta audio driver to implement on the Engine. Zable and I have been testing the tracker to generate our first tune to feature on the game. We are very excited to finally bring our music to FM, which will make our cartridge version not silent anymore.

Other than that, lots of cutscenes to come to this first chapter. We have Daniel and Alex working on that, while I am working on the game script bringing life to Zable's dialog scripts.

On a final note I have been testing the game on cartridge from time to time and it is all sweet and smooth. Once I finish the first quest script I will burn a CD and test the CD version on the hardware. Very exciting :D

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Coding madness

Started to clean the code around load/save functions (both megacd and megadrive versions).
Lot of bugfixes, added more security in case of connection glitches between megadrive and megacd while saving, added some functionalities for scripting.

Still a lot to do around everything, rah, I'm overbooked ^^.
I wish best luck for our artist next week :)

Cutscene-slavery and a new character

I am still trapped in the chains of Tulio´s motivation methods, thus trying to get the cutscene done he wants so desperately. Not easy regarding the loss of detail from my high-res scans when they are resized to a resolution the Mega Drive can handle. However, Fonzie recently raised the amount of space per cutscene by 1/3, and that helps a lot!
Beside that I designed a new main character on paper, and I can´t wait to see him animated as a sprite.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

work on cutscenes

Today I am working on the very first cutscene in the game.
We are planning to do it the Phantasy Star IV-way, which is quite a challenge, considering that we are planning MANY cutscenes and space for each one is limited. However, I am certain that Alex and I will come up with good results.