Monday, November 26, 2007

Satan trying to stop my cutscenes!

Been a while...
Now I am still not done with all the cutscenes for the first part of the game thanks to my computer deciding to disconnect from the www all the time, taking 7 minutes to boot and making every data access slow...a Windows XP reinstall made it clear what was wrong: my HDD is broken! Thankfully, I had my TRPG stuff on another HDD...but since Windows XP just doesn´t want to be installed on my new SATA-HDD, no matter how many driver disks I feed, I´ll have to switch to Vista to get something dome again! Thank you, Microsoft! This must truly be the doing of Satan himself!
However, if this turns out to work I will hopefully be able to scan, resize and colorize the remaining cutscenes!
I hope no further act of sabotage will stop me!

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