Tuesday, November 16, 2010

And You Think You've Waited Long for Pier Solar...

Sometimes, we at Watermelon Development get a little knackered on all the praise you guys give us and convince ourselves that we're doing something wholly unique. After all, who else would release a full fledged RPG on long dead hardware? Who else would spend this many years crafting a full fledged retro adventure to deliver unto the masses?

Well, these guys would. And they have caught us with mouths agape.

Newcomer is a PC style RPG, finished after over twenty years of development, and released for the ... drumroll ... Commodore 64.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you people who are actually more bat shit crazy than we are. And that's awesome.

Here's what awaits you after unboxing this massive indie RPG:

- 70-280 gaming hours for the 1st play-through
- 180'000+ words of in-game text
- 180+ character portrait GFX
- 130+ inventory item and gadget GFX
- 100+ cutscene GFX
- 50+ game areas
- 30+ level GFX sets
- Animated Intro and Outro
- Total game size of 2 MB

So, head on over to their website for more information or check out this cool post at Play This Thing.

And to the next person who complains about Pier Solar's development time: I promise I will beat you to death with a copy of this game.