Monday, March 28, 2011

Who said Pier Solar is a grindfest?

Well, whoever said it is wrong!

tim333, legendary Pier Solar player and FAQ writer, has just completed the game without fighting anything but the required boss fights. That's right, he ran away from ALL random encounters in the entire game! What can I say? Well, I'm extremely impressed, but also thankful towards Tim who confirmed my statement that grinding isn't necessary in our game; what you need is strategy and exploration.

You can read all about Tim's pacifist run here, where he made a "log" about it:

Thanks again Tim, you are one terrific lad!

Later, aces!

/Zebbe and the WaterMelon team

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lots of news!

Hello, good sir/ma'am!

Pier Solar's reprint edition is out of stock again. It is selling faster than it takes Sonic to cook the cartridges at our factory! It will be available again soon. We will tell you when.

To make sure everyone can participate, including late receivers, the Nomad contest deadline is delayed until April 16th. If you want a custom-designed white Pier Solar Nomad with golden buttons and a beautiful logo, together with a lower battery power consumption mod, now is your chance!

A few weeks ago, a cool guy called "old man" did the (probably) first Pier Solar fan art drawing. You can see it here, but beware of (maybe) harsh sexual humour (which I found hilarious, though):

Also, a guy called Tim has made the first Pier Solar FAQ, which is located at GameFAQs:
Great job, Tim! Now, our board may keep its bandwidth for some time ;).

That is all for now!

Later, aces!

/Zebbe and the WaterMelon team