Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Quick update on the new run.


The new run has arrived in USA. You can order a reprint edition copy of Pier Solar of your own very soon. Please stay tuned!

Best wishes,

/Zebbe of WaterMelon

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New reprint edition run on the way!

Yes, you read correctly. Another production run of the reprint edition of Pier Solar and the Great Architects is on the way. This time, we won't have pre-orders, so the game will ship ASAP after the game is paid for. We aim to start orders around October or November, but, as usual, nothing is certain at the moment. More news will follow soon!

/The WaterMelon team

PS. This is our 100th blog post. Woohoo! DS.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Martin shows hs new toy! The White Element Pier Solar Sega Nomad!!!

Dear you!

Perhaps you remember the contest we had a few months ago, which had a special custom made Sega Nomad as the prize? No? OK, whatever. Here, the winner Martin (who traveled all around the world showing off our game - see a previous blog entry) presents his precious:

As you can see, it looks totally awesome, all thanks to the brilliant mind of Fonzie, Pier Solar programmer and producer. But, that is not all. The screen is also replaced with a less battery sucking one by Tiido, Pier Solar sound programmer and hardware designer.

Soon, we have news.

Best regards,

/Zebbe and the WaterMelon team

Friday, July 22, 2011

The future of Pier Solar

Dear fans of Pier Solar,

Every day, we get emails from people who wishes to buy our game. We are very thankful and honoured for that! Previously, we had decided not to produce more copies of Pier Solar for various reasons. But not long ago, we were given an offer we can't refuse. So Pier Solar's reprint edition may be available again in the near future. However, nothing is certain. We'll let you know when there is more information to be had.

Best regards,

/The WaterMelon team

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Pier Solar @ Retrospelsmässan


About 1½ week ago, was at Retrospelsmässan in Gothenburg, a retro game expo in Sweden. I met lots of nice people and sold perhaps the last seven copies of the reprint edition of Pier Solar. The day before, I also met Zable Fahr, the composer and character designer of our great game. I could go into great detail and rant, but right now I'm very tired and lazy, so it won't happen unless someone bugs me a lot about it.

Best wishes,

/Zebbe of the WaterMelon team

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Podcast interview with V.K.

Dear You,

The second podcast interview is now up for your listening pleasure. This time it's with the very knowledgeable V.K. from Bulgaria. We had a very interesting chat about Pier Solar, WaterMelon, Mega Drive and many other things. If you've got 38 minutes to kill, enter this link:

A major thanks goes to V.K. for this opportunity.

More news follow in the future.

Later, aces!

/Zebbe and the WaterMelon team

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Podcast interview with Classicl337

Dear all,

We are glad to say our first podcast interview is now made, thanks to Tony of In this interview, heard in the beginning of episode 5o of their podcast, Tony and I have a nice chat about WaterMelon's game Pier Solar. Take a listen at:

Make sure to give a comment when you've listened.

Many thanks to Tony and Classicl337 for this opportunity!

Stay tuned for another podcast interview coming very soon.

Have a great time!

/Zebbe of the WaterMelon team

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Winner is Martin!

Congratulations Martin and hello to the rest of you!

Martin Brunet traveled all over the world - from Paris, to San Francisco, to Honduras, to Australia, to London and many other places and back - just to display Pier Solar! He placed his sticker on his car, pined his poster at the window of a gameshop and - the "juicy" WM style part - made a Hoston sprite in the game Minecraft which he then printed out and placed at many different places. Among the many great submissions, those by Martin proved to bear the most dedication of all, and therefor the team has decided he is the winner of the Element White Pier Solar Sega Genesis Nomad. A big applause to all who participated in the competition, WaterMelon would like to thank you for that and wish you better luck next time!

Here are a few samples of Martin's submissions:

Next up: two podcast interviews!

Have a good time!

/Zebbe and the WaterMelon team

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pier Solar Sold Out... Again

Hi everyone! Once again, our amazing fans have gobbled up the remaining stock of Pier Solar. This was much sooner than we had originally anticipated. After careful consideration, it seems clear to us that our current production methods are not capable of satisfying demand for the game and we're assessing alternative solutions to getting Pier Solar into your hands as quickly as possible.

As a result, we won't be announcing a timeline for further availability until we've determined the best solution to the problem. Rest assured, Pier Solar will be available again in the near future. Keep checking the website or our forums for updates.

Once again, everyone at Watermelon would like to offer our sincerest thanks to everyone who has supported us this entire time. We look forward to keeping you entertained and delivering top notch gaming for your enjoyment. Keep checking in with us as we have some exciting developments planned and can't wait to share them with you.

The Watermelon Team

Thursday, April 14, 2011

1up interview and Sega-16 review

Dear all,

Ken Horowitz, editor-in-chief of Sega-16 (the number one Mega Drive/Genesis site, period), posted a review some weeks ago. Give it a read, and make sure to give the game rating if you are registered on their forum:

And today, an interview by Jerry Bonner with Tulio, Gwénaël and Matt was posted on Give that one also a read:

Have a good time, folks!

/Zebbe of the WaterMelon team

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Website maintenance

Pier Solar website and forum will go under maintenance starting April 12th 10 PM EST. The website will be transferring hosts and the date where it will be back online is unknown.

Thank you for your understanding.

Sincerely yours,

/WaterMelon team

Monday, March 28, 2011

Who said Pier Solar is a grindfest?

Well, whoever said it is wrong!

tim333, legendary Pier Solar player and FAQ writer, has just completed the game without fighting anything but the required boss fights. That's right, he ran away from ALL random encounters in the entire game! What can I say? Well, I'm extremely impressed, but also thankful towards Tim who confirmed my statement that grinding isn't necessary in our game; what you need is strategy and exploration.

You can read all about Tim's pacifist run here, where he made a "log" about it:

Thanks again Tim, you are one terrific lad!

Later, aces!

/Zebbe and the WaterMelon team

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lots of news!

Hello, good sir/ma'am!

Pier Solar's reprint edition is out of stock again. It is selling faster than it takes Sonic to cook the cartridges at our factory! It will be available again soon. We will tell you when.

To make sure everyone can participate, including late receivers, the Nomad contest deadline is delayed until April 16th. If you want a custom-designed white Pier Solar Nomad with golden buttons and a beautiful logo, together with a lower battery power consumption mod, now is your chance!

A few weeks ago, a cool guy called "old man" did the (probably) first Pier Solar fan art drawing. You can see it here, but beware of (maybe) harsh sexual humour (which I found hilarious, though):

Also, a guy called Tim has made the first Pier Solar FAQ, which is located at GameFAQs:
Great job, Tim! Now, our board may keep its bandwidth for some time ;).

That is all for now!

Later, aces!

/Zebbe and the WaterMelon team

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Pre-orders open again!


As of Monday 28th of February, pre-orders for the reprint edition of Pier Solar are open again. They will ship 45 days tops after your payment, as usual.

If you have any questions, please enter the "Order" section on our forum and ask there if you can't find an answer.

Best wishes,

/Zebbe and the WaterMelon team

Friday, February 25, 2011

First reprint run now shipped!


Our dear Fonzie has worked like a madman (he always does, by the way), with many Chinese sla... WORKERs to assemble and ship the reprint version. It was done this week. Expect great quality boxes from the factory which made the hard case for the Somy PleyStation Portabul 4 - Deluxe Edition!

More news on Monday...

Have a supreme weekend!

Later, aces!

/Zebbe and the WaterMelon team

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The 32X Easter Egg is now found!


Today, we confirm that the infamous 32X easter egg is finally found by a player! Mr. incrediblehark from Maine, USA (the same place Stephen King is from and where most of his movies/books take place) gave us this line of proof (it is in white before "It is very right!", in case it may spoil):

"I see you have the black mushroom" and you get Sonic's Shoes - The "Black Mushroom" is the 32x - because of its unusual shape - right?!

It is very right! This is also why I have one blue cheese stuffed mushroom on the fork in my one hand and the 32X in the other, on this very pic:

This is me, Zebbe, and to the right we have Tiido (a.k.a. TmEE), WaterMelon's very own sound engine programmer and hardware tester as well as world famous Mega Drive modding master. We are posing in our ultr@ r@re Pier Solar t-shirts designed by the Fonz, who needs no further presentation, am I right? Also, no, you can never buy this shirt - it is WaterMelon team staff exclusive! Except for Fonzie who traveled from China to USA to meet Phyu and Tulio, me and Tiido are the only ones in WaterMelon who have met each other in real life. This photo was taken the week before last week when I took the boat across the pond (The Baltic Sea) to see him, as he did when visited me 1,5 years ago. Now, I ran out of things to write and really need to empty my catheter, so see you around folks!

Have a great time!

/Zebbe of the WaterMelon team

Monday, January 17, 2011

Pier Solar @ Retro Gathering - again!


Two days ago, I went to Retro Gathering Winter Edition (a retro video games event in Stockholm, Sweden) with my brother. There, we showed off the finished version of Pier Solar. Everybody who saw it dropped their jaws to the floor and gave me eternal praise. A dude also photographed my custom made WaterMelon shirt. Except for all this, there were also lots of friendly people, games to play and buy and many other things! Here are some pics:

The shirt blows anything by Dolce & Gabbana agay, hrmm, aWAY.

You CAN'T get this shirt, not even if you beg a lot.

Our table this time around. I had some private stuff for sale. Almost everyone wanted to buy my Nomad, or "Game Gear" as some people tend to think it is.

's table. These guys are always friendly and cool. They didn't have any Sega shirt for me though. But that's okay. I have a WM shirt!

The music quiz this time around. I recognized some tracks, although most games where from before I was born!

Some games you could play. Mega Drive, Super N******o, Neo-Geo, Atari something. The Neo-Geo is highly overrated!

The auction. I didn't buy anything this time around. Last time I bought some Streets of Rage 2 poster standee thingy.

That's all for now folks... We'll be right back!

(Grrrr.... It looks NOTHING like this with the pics and all when I layout the blog post. I don't have time to fix it, I must go to sleep now!)

/Zebbe of the WaterMelon team