Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Martin shows hs new toy! The White Element Pier Solar Sega Nomad!!!

Dear you!

Perhaps you remember the contest we had a few months ago, which had a special custom made Sega Nomad as the prize? No? OK, whatever. Here, the winner Martin (who traveled all around the world showing off our game - see a previous blog entry) presents his precious:

As you can see, it looks totally awesome, all thanks to the brilliant mind of Fonzie, Pier Solar programmer and producer. But, that is not all. The screen is also replaced with a less battery sucking one by Tiido, Pier Solar sound programmer and hardware designer.

Soon, we have news.

Best regards,

/Zebbe and the WaterMelon team


Lexington Alexander said...

Do you guys have any idea how extraordinarily awesome you are? I had never even heard of this before. Do they still make them somewhere in the world? If they do, this could be the indie developer platform...

incrediblehark said...


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