Thursday, September 15, 2011

New reprint edition run on the way!

Yes, you read correctly. Another production run of the reprint edition of Pier Solar and the Great Architects is on the way. This time, we won't have pre-orders, so the game will ship ASAP after the game is paid for. We aim to start orders around October or November, but, as usual, nothing is certain at the moment. More news will follow soon!

/The WaterMelon team

PS. This is our 100th blog post. Woohoo! DS.


Siri said...

Hope to see the new copies in portuguese. :)

Don't know how I'll get one without an international credit card and Paypal though. :(

Savior Sama said...

Mates please can you think about add some portuguese on the new reprints??? I already own a reprint but I really wish for a reprint with portuguese,please think about it!!! :D

Malons said...

I'm so incredibly excited that I'll hopefully manage to get a copy of this game!

Lexington Alexander said...

I am tweeting this news now...

878 said...


I can finally have my copy of Pier Solar! Hopefully that comes in Portuguese as well! I am very happy with this news as just found out that the game existed after all the copies had been sold... =(

Finalmente vou poder ter minha cópia de Pier Solar! Tomara que venha em portugues também!!! Estou muito feliz com essa notícia pois só descobri que o jogo existia depois que todas as cópias tinham sido vendidas... =(

Lerenwe said...

Well, THAT'S good news! Hope I'll manage to get the money needed. Not that easy when you're a student, actually.

Say, I know I'll look like a total idiot by asking this but:

Why is it so hard to get a copy of your game, exactly? Do you want your game to be bought by everyone who want it or you don't really care? Do you have the resources to do it?

Oh, and also, excuse my English, I'm French and I'm doing my best =)

Mike Crone said...

This is such amazing news! I knew you guys had another run in you. I realized the project just after the release was out and have waited (semi) patiently since. This is THE game to get, and I am definitely picking up one of the OST.