Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Project Status: FTW

One of the most complex tasks in creating a game is simply organizing and keeping track of all the little (and occasionally gargantuan) pieces that at some point in time are all supposed to come together. In last week or so we've made this task considerably easier by employing some great project tracking software. After we completed the task and crunched all the numbers we're quite happy to report that the game is inching ever so closer to that wonderful 100% complete number. We're not there yet, but the digits we did see were certainly comforting.

Never underestimate the power of forms and numbers and spreadsheets. They may look complicated but they are oh-so-comforting. Like a fuzzy blanket, a warm fireplace and a goblet overflowing with the blood of our enemies.

The basics are all moving forward as usual. Scripting is going ahead and we're beginning to officially lock down content. We've put a halt on any new content and are now satisfied with simply building the rest of the game. Basically, everything we want to go in has been designed and is being implemented as we speak.

So no pulling a Peter Molyneux and delaying the game for three more years because we want to make trees grow in real time.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

To Work! Again!

Phew! Well that was a fun little treat, no? Our little preview video garnered some very positive response and we're glad you all are still as excited about the game as we are.

Getting it out the door, though, was like fighting three dragons with our hands tied behind our backs. Weaponless. Underwater. And having to listen to a Paris Hilton interview.

Horrifying, as you can imagine.

We do have plans for another video but it will be further down the line. Since our resources are stretched to their max any time spent doing a video ultimately means time spent NOT doing the game (quiet you grammar Nazis). Just know that another audio visual treat is on the way.

On the translation side things are looking sharp. We've sicked [sic?] our translators on the latest batch of NPC dialogues and as always they're plowing ahead at a speed previously unknown to man.

The speed of AWESOME.

But, we are out of time! And I must venture forth and join the fray once again. Later all.

Pray for us!


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Time to show some progress

Hello friends of Pier Solar.

As we advance through the year, I've been inquired about the game development state on a frequent basis.

As I usually answer, "We're doing a lot of improvements, and working hard to assure the best quality on the game". I'm sure you like to hear this and to view the game shots we've been bringing on the weekly news, but wouldn't it be better to see it in motion?

Well then let's do it! I hope you enjoy! Just beware of spoilers!

Thanks and seeya soon!