Monday, January 17, 2011

Pier Solar @ Retro Gathering - again!


Two days ago, I went to Retro Gathering Winter Edition (a retro video games event in Stockholm, Sweden) with my brother. There, we showed off the finished version of Pier Solar. Everybody who saw it dropped their jaws to the floor and gave me eternal praise. A dude also photographed my custom made WaterMelon shirt. Except for all this, there were also lots of friendly people, games to play and buy and many other things! Here are some pics:

The shirt blows anything by Dolce & Gabbana agay, hrmm, aWAY.

You CAN'T get this shirt, not even if you beg a lot.

Our table this time around. I had some private stuff for sale. Almost everyone wanted to buy my Nomad, or "Game Gear" as some people tend to think it is.

's table. These guys are always friendly and cool. They didn't have any Sega shirt for me though. But that's okay. I have a WM shirt!

The music quiz this time around. I recognized some tracks, although most games where from before I was born!

Some games you could play. Mega Drive, Super N******o, Neo-Geo, Atari something. The Neo-Geo is highly overrated!

The auction. I didn't buy anything this time around. Last time I bought some Streets of Rage 2 poster standee thingy.

That's all for now folks... We'll be right back!

(Grrrr.... It looks NOTHING like this with the pics and all when I layout the blog post. I don't have time to fix it, I must go to sleep now!)

/Zebbe of the WaterMelon team