Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The 32X Easter Egg is now found!


Today, we confirm that the infamous 32X easter egg is finally found by a player! Mr. incrediblehark from Maine, USA (the same place Stephen King is from and where most of his movies/books take place) gave us this line of proof (it is in white before "It is very right!", in case it may spoil):

"I see you have the black mushroom" and you get Sonic's Shoes - The "Black Mushroom" is the 32x - because of its unusual shape - right?!

It is very right! This is also why I have one blue cheese stuffed mushroom on the fork in my one hand and the 32X in the other, on this very pic:

This is me, Zebbe, and to the right we have Tiido (a.k.a. TmEE), WaterMelon's very own sound engine programmer and hardware tester as well as world famous Mega Drive modding master. We are posing in our ultr@ r@re Pier Solar t-shirts designed by the Fonz, who needs no further presentation, am I right? Also, no, you can never buy this shirt - it is WaterMelon team staff exclusive! Except for Fonzie who traveled from China to USA to meet Phyu and Tulio, me and Tiido are the only ones in WaterMelon who have met each other in real life. This photo was taken the week before last week when I took the boat across the pond (The Baltic Sea) to see him, as he did when visited me 1,5 years ago. Now, I ran out of things to write and really need to empty my catheter, so see you around folks!

Have a great time!

/Zebbe of the WaterMelon team

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incrediblehark said...

Funny pic! I like the history of gaming poster in the background :)