Monday, January 28, 2008

Pier Solar in high demand

Pier Solar has not only gained the attention of many gaming-sites and forums since our new website was launched, it has also has attracted several companies that have expressed their interest in publishing and distributing the game. Although nothing is decided yet, and we are still also considering doing the publishing all by ourselves, this is a great sign and should assure the fans that this game will not only come out, but that we have the chance to deliver the best quality possible.


SonicPsycho said...

This is really awesome, I can't wait for this game!

Vyse the determined said...

That's fantastic news. I can't wait to see this game released! Take care :)

Douglas said...

I can't wait for this game too. I'm fan of 16-bits consoles, and read for a new game to Mega Drive is fantastic.