Friday, May 2, 2008

A new teammate and major redesigns

The last weeks have been buisy with preparations for the demo and the final game. Helping us improving what we already had, Victor Gomez, a professional designer from the industry and die-hard Sega-fan has joined our team and given the main characters a major visual overhaul. He has proven a great help to us, and we are sure the result will now be even better than ever imagined. Of course this has given us some new work, as sprites have to be redone, but it´s all for the best of the game, and the planned release date is still standing! Stay tuned!


webteam said...

any shots of Victor Gomez work we can see?

Daisy said...

Any shots of Victor Gomez we can see?

Eylusion said...

Sprite development is crucial, that is the one aspect of the game we will be staring at for hours on end.

Beautiful sprites would be a super added bonus, but then again it doesn't really matter, I'm sure it'll be excellent no matter what.