Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy new run!


Some people are still waiting for their packages from China - may the force be with you!

Due to massive demand, WaterMelon won't wait and has decided to produce another run of their instant hit Mega Drive/Genesis RPG Pier Solar and the Great Architects. It's named ”reprint edition" and here is everything you need to know about it:

*The game is exactly the same as the original versions. Languages included are: English, French and German.
*The box is a original clamshell case similar to those used back in the day. The design is an homage to the "black grid" layout.
*The manual, in English, comes in b/w and is shaped in the pure 16-bit tradition.
*An awesome sticker sheet is included, so you may have the chance to win our contest if you order quickly (please see on our homepage:
*The price is US$45, including shipping and handling to anywhere in the world! You can buy it now. Payment is made with PayPal only. We shall be able to start shipping this ”reprint edition" within next 45 days!

Side note: No disc? Yes, the game won't include the Enhanced Soundtrack Disc but will be compatible with it. Here is the download link to burn your own disc if you want to use it with the game:
Enhanced CD Download topic

Happy new year!

/WaterMelon team


Anonymous said...

When you say "Feel free to burn your own disc and use it with the game!" do you mean that the disc will be made available to download?

Anonymous said...

Looks like to ebay with finding a first run edition then... =(

Carlos Eduardo said...


Desculpe postar aqui em português, mas visto o esforço incrível que vocêsfizeram para comemorar o aniversário do megadrive com mais esse projeto, queria perguntar se o processo de encode, programar pro mega (usando linguagem leiga) foi difícil. Tenho um projeto em Ren'Py de jogo de SRPG e fiquei tentado a pelo menos ter um projeto amador, nada comparado a grandiosidade que esse projeto se tornou na cena mundial de oldschool

Responda pelo meu email quando e se puder,

Anonymous said...

I do not think it will happen but is there any chance you could bring Pier Solar to Steam, PSN or XBLA?

I would love to be able to download this game. So I hope there is at least a chance it can come out on any of those services.

Anonymous said...

I think there is a problem...

Lee said...

Will you be reprinting this game?