Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Give Away Time!

We at Watermelon Development were witness to something disturbing this week. Our intrepid project leader Tulio stumbled upon a spy in our midst, hungrily rummaging through our development vault in an attempt to get an early glance at our game. This vicious villain went by the last name "Claws" and sported the most horrific red attire - surely dyed with the blood of the innocent.

When confronted with his crimes, he used the smiling faces of gamers on Christmas morning as a defense, threatening to add us to some sort of "list" (a hit list we presume) for delaying our upcoming RPG and destroying the dreams of countless old school gamers.

Needless to say, The Fonz would have none of his threats and the picture below tells the story of what happened next.

Nevertheless, our defeated foe's words struck a chord with us and we thought it unfair to leave you all Pier Solar-less during the holiday season. So here's the plan, but it requires a little work on your part.

We're giving away one (1) free copy of Pier Solar to the person who designs the best PS wallpaper. Use whatever you want to put it together, just make sure it looks good on your desktop. Once you're finished, email it to wolfrider31 at hotmail dot com with the subject line reading Pier Solar Submission. The best of the best will have their choice of a free Pier Solar game in any flavor they wish.

Go forth anonymous artists, and bring us Pier Solar greatness.

(Oh, and you'll also have your WP published on our site. Which in some cultures is considered an honor.)

Happy Holidays everyone, and tune in next week for another Pier Solar progress update!


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