Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Screens and "The Fonz" Battles a Chinese Factory Boss

Perhaps "battles" is too strong a word, but there were indeed fisticuffs - complete with wire teams and slow motion drop kicks. In the end, our fabled graphics designer emerged victorious and The Boss (think Hattori Honzo with cardboard... and... Chinese) agreed to emerge from retirement and do this one final task: Assemble the boxes for Pier Solar.

Okay, so martial arts drama wasn't exactly part of our man's plane trip but he did make the arduous journey to see the boxes being birthed in their native land. Thankfully he was well pleased and no blood had to spilled. Again.

While Fonzie was busy ensuring our packaging was of the utmost quality (and desperately trying to resist the seductive power of Communism) back at the salt mines we were busy injecting Pier Solar with pure liquid excellence. At the moment our script is being worked over and a second draft will soon be delivered to our translators. Of course little changes will be added right up until the very final stages of development, but this version will represent the official and completed plot.

That is until we tire of it and decide to replace the whole cast with mimes. You know, so we can get that whole "art-game" label.

For you, our loyal Solarites (can we call you that or is it too cultish?), we have a few new work in progress screens for you to enjoy. Below are a few locations both in and out of battle and an early example of one of our cutscenes.

In the spirit of the holidays we have a special contest coming up where you, yes you, could win a free copy of Pier Solar. Check back in next week for all the details.

- WM

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