Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ha-Ha! ....Serious....

Whilst I would normally start our weekly news updates with pseudo-witty ruminations on Pier Solar's development process, I think now is the time to pause and deliver some much needed thanks.

Danger abounds in any development project. From the little guys in the indie-scene all the way up to the grandmasters at Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Capcom, SquareEnix, et cetera, the process of putting a game together always comes with the knowledge that catastrophic failure will be constantly nipping at your heels.

When you're a relatively new group with plans to release a JRPG on a long dead console and then sell it for real money... well, lets just say risk is as prevalent as skepticism.

Or at least, it should be.

But that's the thing. Instead of leaving Pier Solar to rot away in the dank caverns of internet obscurity Sega fans, indie fans, RPG fans, and just general all around gamers have championed our little project. From raving about the game in message boards to covering it on websites you guys have guaranteed this project's success. Even after receiving a pretty devastating blow last year - one that would have killed most indie projects - you guys stuck by us. We received countless letters of encouragement after announcing the delay and some outright threats to our person that let us know that Pier Solar had to be completed and released. Either that, or we may not live to see the light of another day.

And here we stand. One area of the game's development is completely finished and another is set to finalize at the end of the month. All the pieces are coming together and before long you'll be placing that brand spanking new game in your long neglected Genesis - which will gasp to life and you'll feel the same way you did when you were ten years old and just finished unwrapping that much hyped game you blew your paper route money on (much to the chagrin of your parents).

When will that day be?

Ha-Ha! Soonish...

The purpose of this post is really to thank you guys for your support, your patience and your sheer bat-shit insane excitement for Pier Solar. And no matter how much coverage we get we're still shocked when people go out of their way to spotlight our game. People like PeteDorr, a YouTuber who did an entire five minute preview of our game (which lead directly to an increase in sales), are the kind people who keep us motivated. Check out his video below:

Now that's just awesome. You all should subscribe to his YouTube channel as well, because his videos are pretty entertaining.

Alas, it's time to cut this short and return to the salt mines. But before we do one more thank you is in order: for all your support, patience, and hard earned money. We aim to please.



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Anonymous said...

We wouldn't be behind you if you guys were making a mediocre project. Trust me, you've earned every bit of support we've given you. Among the tons of crappy, unfinished fan projects, you guys are actually making something beautiful and polished. You guys are making something I can hold, and put into my Genesis. You guys are doing something truly incredible, and I can't wait to play it.

No, thank you for all your hard work.