Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A Mini-Update

Well gang, we're sad to report that today's update will be brief. Brief like the torrid love affairs in early 40s french cinema. The good news is that our collective game design might has come to together to form MelonTron (like Voltron only... juicier... and not part of early french cinema). That being said are just too busy for a normal update.

Fear not, for the blog is merely bowing to progress itself and Pier Solar's pieces are merging together to form... Pier Solar...tron...


Anyway, our programming lead is currently being hurled across continents to Brazil, where more work on the game will commence and, for those of you itching for some release date action you'll be pleased to know that internal deadlines have been set and we should be ready to announce an official date in the coming weeks. Maybe.

Keep in mind, the final deadline for our WP contest is January 30th, so now is your last chance to send in a Pier Solar themed wall paper. The best one will win a free copy of the game. Check out our forums for more info.

And here are some spiffied up comparison shots of the forest you guys played in the demo.

See you guys next week for a bigger, badder update and the winner of our Pier Solar WP Contest!


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