Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cutscenes a-plenty!

Our resident music maestro Mr. Zable Fahr has been handed the task of cutscene construction - building the lovely little still hand-drawn images that will accompany our more dramatic moments.

You've seen a few in the demo, but the new ones look fantastic. Of course, in our rush to give you all the cinematic bad-assery the Genesis is capable of we gave our man roughly one billion cutscenes to put together. He hasn't seen his family for months and we've been feeding him nothing but imitation gruel for about as long.

The upside is you all will have plenty of eye candy to look forward to.

The downside is he might be dead in a few weeks.

Free game to anyone who's willing to move the body!

Edit - Thanks to my incredible writing skills there has been some confusion as to what I mean by "construction". Our boy Zable is putting the final touches (coloring, etc) on the scenes whilst we owe our thanks to the much talented Armen for the gorgeous looking art that that shall permeate the awesomeness that is Pier Solar. You heard me, permeate the awesomeness. Our game is too good for grammar.


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