Tuesday, March 31, 2009


We remain holed up in our underground prison - left to toil away while friends, family members, and lo, even sunlight becomes a long distant memory. We had long since resigned ourselves to our fate, our only consolation being the enjoyment that will fill your hearts upon the game's arrival.

But - ! Could there be a way to speak to the outside world? A way our daily comings and goings could be broadcast to Earth civilization? Or at least shouted into the empty unfeeling vacuum that is the internet?

There is! All hail Watermelon's Twitter page!

Can't get enough of our updates? Want more?! Do you have a bizarre fear of Tuesday, thus rendering you incapable of checking the website when it updates? Do you actually venture outdoors occasionally and are (GASP!) sometimes not near a computer?!

Our Twitter page has the answer! Head on over to http://www.twitter.com/watermelongames and become a follower.

Yes. It is vaguely cultish.

What will you get?

-A daily (and possibly more!) update on the team's comings and goings.
-Early announcements
-Exclusive information
-And other goodies and fun stuff we haven't come up with yet.

Join us. Until next time Watermelon fans.


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